We are…

curious. playful. thoughtful.

We were looking for a way to recreate the world that surrounds us… in a way that is exciting in itself. The answer we came up with is ThinkInvisible. But it’s not only the process of design that we enjoy. Thinking hard of what we could do with ThinkInvisible is just as exciting…

We make…
Pictures that make you think. Graphics designed to tease your eyes.
We can turn any picture into an optical illusion and in the meantime, a simple, yet fun game. The idea is based on the phenomenon invented by Gaetano Kanizsa to show the power of Gestalt psychology.
If we want to sum it up in one sentence:
We showing you only the most important details, forcing your brain to uncover and complete the rest!

Inspired by Kanizsa, we went on experimenting and turned the whole world into an optical illusion. As a result, you can find more than 50 puzzles on our blog, play with our game on your phone (available on iOS, and coming soon to Android & Windows Phone) or get them as prints.


Adri Bodor
design manager

Andras Samu
iOS developer & game designer

Special thanks

Adam Varga, Andras Talas, Anita Futo, Alex Sotirov, Anna Kudron, Attila Buzgan, Attila Bertoti, Attila Guld, Balazs Komar, Balint Mecs, Barbara Dudas, Barbara Feher, Bence Kocsis, Bia Gordos, Csilla Zsely, Daniel Farkas, Daniel Szalai, Daniel Szemerey, Daniel Zrinyifalvi, Daria Petkevich, David Lovas, David Kovacs, David Timar, Dora Hamrak, Dora Matheidesz, Dora Polgar, Doro Barta, Emil Lorincz, Emoke Zinner, Erika Vizmathy, Eszter Bodoky, Gabor Borbely, Gabor Hannak, Gyorgyi Lakatos, Heli Vida, Ilona Puskas, Irbouh Soufiane, Judit Adam, Jonathan Frome, Judit Szalipszki, Juli Szegedi, Karolina Tiszavolgyi, Katalin Harmati, Kinga Jentetics, Kinga Kovacs, Kristof Szabo, Krisztina Benkovics, Kriszta Csala, Kriszta Toth, Lambert Toth, Laszlo Lovasz, Laura Horvath, Lilla Puskas, Livia Molnar, Lilla Szulyovszky, Luca Jakab, Mark Prager, Mate Papp, Orsolya Juhasz, Pal Honti, Peter Csardas, Peter Nagy, Peter Kadlot, Petra Bodor, Piroska Meszaros, Rita Domonyi, Rita Horvath, Susana Arce, Szilvia Zatyko M., Tamas Sebok, Viktória Macsuga, Viktória Szabo, Zoltan Cserei, Zsofia Gyurina, Zsolt Bako, Zsuzsanna Kaszab

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